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Clint References and Testimonials

As the broker of Tamure Corporation I am always glad to here any all comments that our clients may have that would improve the services that we provide. I and my sales staff learn and adapt from the things that may arise with a client / employee relationship. So our clients input is very important to us. Below is just a sampling of references letters sent to Tamure Corporation from our clients.

David Rumbold
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Owner of Tamure' Corporation

"We were impressed with the professionalism of Jerry Long , the buyer's agent who spent many hours showing us houses and researching computer lists of properties in response to our needs. Jerry clearly explained the unique nature of Cape Coral's housing market, freely answering our questions and offering valuable insight into the pros and cons of acquiring particular properties. He passionately looked out for our interests throughout the negotiation which concluded with our purchase of a three bedroom home bordering the golf course at Cape Coral Resort and Tennis Club."

Rudy Elder
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"In the beginning stages of our contract we were impressed by Steve. He seemed to go above and beyond the call of duty. I can't even begin to estimate the dollar amount that we saved thanks to Steve.. His knowledge and willingness to check on the actual price of items we wanted to add as upgrades resulted in a house that fit our budget. There were many instances when (blank homes) would quote a price for an item and Steve would let them know they were out of line. They would then come back with a more reasonable price. Steve was also instrumental in guiding us regarding options that would or would not contribute to resale value."

Julie Carter
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"Gregg and I want to thank you for helping us find and buy our first home. As you know, we went through another real estate agency before discovering Tamure, and we were very discouraged. It seemed that we could not afford anything decent and we were told that there was nothing in Cape Coral in our price range.

You guys certainly proved that theory wrong."

Yvette R. Pond
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We compliment you and the Tamure Corporation staff for the tremendous amount of relevant information which you sent to us up North last year when we were initially contemplating a move to the west coast of Florida. As a result of my first telephone inquiry, Jerry forwarded us general information about the area, information relative to real estate brokers and buyers brokers, information regarding the abundance of local boating opportunities, as well as sample listings of properties available in the Cape Coral- Ft. Myers area. Through follow-up telephone conversations with Jerry and Steve, our initial house hunting trip last year was very well planned and went very smoothly."

Bob and Mary Locker
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" I wanted to thank your company for helping me find the right home in Cape Coral. I especially want to thank your employee Stephen Tate. During my relocation with my company I did not have a lot of time to spend house hunting. Mr. Tate went far beyond what I would call good customer service. Once he determined exactly what I was looking for he spent a considerable amount of time searching the area and driving by the homes before contacting me. At one time we had over 30 homes to view. He was always available seven days a week to take my calls or home visits."

James D. Boyd
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"We found Mr. Tate to be exceptionally personable and earnestly attentive to meeting our specific housing needs and desires. Through numerous site visits to both new homes and resale units, it was evident he had our best interest at heart maintaining that, with perseverance, we would find the right house."

A.M. and Arlene Gegenheimer
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"Since I decided to build, Tamure found the lot for me (a great buy, by the way). They found the builder. And, they stayed with me through the entire process. Two months ago, I decided to look for something on the water and they found that home too, again , a great buy!"

Joan K. Glance
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Consider an exclusive buyer-broker who will represent only you, not the sellers. Nonexclusive real-estate agents tend to show you their own listings first, since they won't have to share the commission if they represent both the buyer and the seller. Then they'll probably show you their firm's listings, since they stand to gain from those sales as well. It can help to search online first and target some homes that might be right for you, no matter who has the listing.!

The last thing you want to do is walk into an open house and start blabbing how much you can afford to the agent who has listed the house. That agent owes his or her allegiance to the seller and only the seller. If you're negotiating with a pro, you ought to have a pro in your corner, too.  Get an advocate on your side.  It's commonplace now for buyers to sign up their own agents to represent their interests in a deal. Look for a buyer's broker who will represent you and only you.