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Southwest Florida Home Styles

Living in Southwest Florida affords you a great variety of home styles.  Whether you're looking for a custom waterfront home on a beautiful canal, the secure environment of a carriage home in a gated community or the maintenance-free living of a garden   condominium, you'll find that Southwest Florida offers it all

For many the fulfillment of their dream is the owning of a single family home in a wonderful suburban community knowing your neighbors, hearing the laughter of the children in the swimming pool.  For many people the joy of finally being able to retire and enjoy life to the fullest is what brings them to Southwest Florida.

To be able to golf, to boat, to fish, or just to spend lazy days at the many beaches. Of course part of retiring means not having to spend all day working on the house, mowing the lawn or trimming the hedges and to that end Southwest Florida offers a vast array of coach homes, condominiums and villas.  Whether you prefer the privacy of a detached villa in a golf community or the sense of community that a low-rise condominium brings, Southwest Florida can offer you that. 

Perhaps you just want to be able to watch the beautiful sunset every night from your high-rise condominium, or maybe just watching the boats play in the river from your mid-rise condominium again Southwest Florida can offer you all of that and more.



How are Tamure' 
Real Estate Agents Paid?

There are no additional fees charged to the buyer for using the services of Tamure Corporation as a buyer's agent. Tamure Corporation is compensated by a percentage of the commission offered by the Listing brokerage.  This is not an additional fee. If you were not using a buyer's agent to represent you, that percentage of the commission would stay with the Listing brokerage.

In New home construction:

There are no additional fees charged to the buyer for using the services of Tamure Corporation as a buyer's agent on new home construction at this time.  Tamure Corporation is compensated by the builder. The compensation is based on a small percentage of the base price of the home.  This percentage is already built into the price of the home. This is not an additional fee. That percentage would stay with the builder's agent.



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Consider an exclusive buyer-broker who will represent only you, not the sellers. Nonexclusive real-estate agents tend to show you their own listings first, since they won't have to share the commission if they represent both the buyer and the seller. Then they'll probably show you their firm's listings, since they stand to gain from those sales as well. It can help to search online first and target some homes that might be right for you, no matter who has the listing.!

The last thing you want to do is walk into an open house and start blabbing how much you can afford to the agent who has listed the house. That agent owes his or her allegiance to the seller and only the seller. If you're negotiating with a pro, you ought to have a pro in your corner, too.  Get an advocate on your side.  It's commonplace now for buyers to sign up their own agents to represent their interests in a deal. Look for a buyer's broker who will represent you and only you.