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CBS Home Construction
The Different Phases.

CBS Stands for (Concrete Block and Stucco)
or ( Concrete Block Structure)  

This will give you a basic outline of the different phases of CBS home construction here in Cape Coral and Fort Myers Florida. Please be aware that the builder  / contractors may differ on scheduling construction phases due to personal preferences,  sub-contractor schedules and the availably of building materials.

We would like to make clear, that Tamure is not a builder or contractor, Tamure is a licensed real estate corporation in the state of Florida. We work as single agent representing only buyers in real estate transactions at no additional costs to the buyer. The information on this page is provided for potential clients that maybe interested in building a new home or remodeling a resale home.

While building a new CBS home is both exciting and rewarding, it also demands that a buyer be fully prepared and committed to the challenge. Our goal is assisting you in building the finest quality CBS home possible and providing you with a positive experience in the process. Please see the Buyers section to the left for a list of our services.

cbs constuction


These are the different phases of construction for a typical concrete block home in Southwest Florida.

Phase 1

·        Lot selection and purchase

·        Review house plan

·        Lot Survey

·        County and city permitting



Phase 2

·        Lot preparation Seawall (Water Front Only)
Clearing Fill (bring lot up to grade)

·        Footer dug and poured

·        Stem wall built

·        Install sewer lines

·        Pour concrete floor slab

·        Dig pool and shoot shell



Phase 3

·        Concrete block walls built

·        Tie beam framed and poured

·        Trusses and roof sheathing installed

·        Framing of interior walls

·        Installation of rough plumbing, electric and A/C



Phase 4

·        Install insulation

·        Drywall and texture of interior walls

·        Installation of doors and windows

·        Concrete driveway and sidewalks laid
out and poured

·      Installation of kitchen and bathroom
cabinets and plumbing fixtures

·        Paint interior and exterior walls

·        Pool shell / deck




Phase 5

·        Paint interior and exterior walls

·        Install floor covering, lights and ceiling fans

·        Landscaping and sprinkler system

·        Walk through inspection

·        Closing with lender and builder



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